Enigma EP

by The Mirage Artist

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released June 11, 2014



all rights reserved


The Mirage Artist Winston Salem, North Carolina

We are a Metal band based out of Winston-Salem, NC.

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Track Name: Predator-Prey
Weapons by my side, I'll hunt you down.
I'll tear your face from the earth, you're a disgrace.
I want you gone. I've had enough of this affiliation, bleah!

Don't you see our blood? It doesn't mix at all.
Negative and positive. Im stuck in a killers trance!
I speak in tongues to the ones that mock me! (2x)
Track Name: Pangaea
The thrones and temples are hidden away.
The very blueprints of our beginning.
I dont deny that they're alive here with me, but I deny that you have showed me the way!

Pangaea! (2x)
Oh my god my eyes are closing, don't leave me waiting here!

Raise your sword into the sky. I will carry us through the black of night!
We'll go to the edge of the earth and search for the missing pieces!
Missing pieces!

And I can tell you that its no surprise these insecurities crowd my eyes.
An ancient land of no defeat, tell us where you've been and don't lie to me!

Oh my god my eyes are closing, don't leave me waiting here!

Don't leave me waiting here, I have come too far.
I think the memories, I think the memories could be the worst part.
This imperfection in my reflection, where do I come from?
How did I make this conjuring of my heart?

My heart!

And I am bleeding right from the eyes!
And its a tragedy I can't see all the wonder that is around me!
All the wonder that you've kept from me!

Pangaea! Pangaea where have you been?
Pangaea where have you been?

This imperfection in my reflection, where do I come from?
Where do I come from?
This imperfection in my reflection!
Track Name: The Advance
This is not a fucking game!
I'll show you things you've never seen before!

Don't be so jealous, I smell your envy from a mile away. Ashamed!
We speak of relevance, show me the man that calls us out on this!

So you say that you don't believe me, i guess I've got much to prove.
Just watch me! (2x)
That face shakes in such panic, i guess its clear to me you are weak!

Not a man of any force, and not man of any kind could capture my pride and joy, I seek my life!

Will you just stand there? with a look of pure dispair.
I've got your lungs grasping for some air!
I heard that you want me dead, well is it too late to pull the motherfucking trigger? Trigger (2x)

Just show your weapon, do what you came to do.
I've got nothing left to lose!

So as your body rots, I will take my time, I'll walk slowly out of site.
They call it murder!